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Our business

I have about 40 years experiences in real estate internationally. The last 15 years I have only been working with tourism-related accommodations, with projects for sales of apartments and villas, and mainly on the northern Mediterranean coastal areas.

Before that I worked mostly with commercial real estate, incl. hotels worldwide. Over the past 15 years I have been visiting many countries around the Mediterranean, and spent much time on finding the most reputable builders/owners. In some countries around the Mediterranean there are unfortunately some unreliable brokers and with this experience, I decided only to do business directly with the builders/owners or dealing with vey reputable and knowledgeable brokers at place as I do in Spain.

We look after you as a buyer and that you will be happy with your purchase and investment. We help you all the way, ensuring that all documents are available and that these are absolutely correct. We assist you even linguistically if needed.
Welcome to an interesting country and investment!

Please contact me in Sweden at + 46 (0) 70 576 9594

Spansk Bostad with company --- SUNREI - Sun Real Estate International

Skype namn = rlundbeck Skype

Rolf Lundbäck

Rolf Lundbäck


Fantastic coastlines with great nature
Nice atmosphere
Spain has a lot to offer

Spanish Flag


Beautiful villas and apartments
Most with ocean views
Excellent builders to high quality